The Together Program consists of:

  • An 8-week relationship and financial workshop led by couples’ therapists and financial counselors

  • Case management

  • Employment/career support

Relationship & Financial Workshop

The relationship and financial workshop consists of eight two-and-a-half hour classes held conveniently in the evenings or on weekends. Each session typically has four to eight couples participating, meaning participants receive individualized support and attention.

Our classes are taught by experienced couple therapists and financial counselors and cover a wide range of topics including:

  • Communication and conflict management

  • Stress management

  • Problem solving

  • Money management

Our workshop teaches couples how to talk with their partner about difficult topics that couples often struggle to resolve on their own. Many couples bring their own cultural or childhood views into a relationship, and we facilitate couples working together to form partnerships.  

Case Management

Couples may also choose to participate in case management services at one of our conveniently-located offices. Our supportive and dedicated case managers offer caring guidance to couples experiencing the challenges that come with being in a relationship.

We assess each family’s needs and create a treatment plan to assist them in reaching their goals, checking in with them periodically over an average of eight months to see how they are progressing. Goals can range from finding a job, to finding or maintaining adequate housing, to finding and participating in parenting classes, or other relevant family needs.  

Career & Employment Support

As part of Together, participants also receive career and employment assistance. We provide referrals to agencies that offer career needs assessments, and also provide job-related training as part of our workshops. In addition, we offer job coaching and job search assistance on an as-needed basis.