Through Multisystemic Therapy, a free, voluntary program, we offer intensive family and community-based treatment for adolescents in Frederick, Washington, or Allegany Counties who have had experience with the juvenile justice system.

People Cared For

  • Adolescents
  • Adults

Level of Care

  • Community Based
  • Home Based
  • Outpatient

Payment Type

  • Free

Multisystemic therapy (MST) is an evidence-based therapeutic program designed to help adolescents who display antisocial behaviors that place them at risk for out of home placement, as well as their families, learn positive coping skills and gain access to community resources.

Who We Serve

We serve adolescents ages 12-17.5 who live in Frederick, Washington, or Allegany Counties, and who have been referred to us by the local county’s Department of Juvenile Services or the Department of Social Services. Caregivers are an integral part of the treatment process and should anticipate being highly involved throughout this program. 

Adolescents and their families are referred to us after an adolescent has engaged in delinquent behaviors such as substance abuse, theft, assault, property destruction, and/or anti-social behavior. Some adolescents we care for have a mental health diagnosis in addition to having engaged in delinquent behavior. 

Our Services

In Multisystemic Therapy, our licensed therapists focus on providing adolescents and their caregivers with the skills and resources that they need to effectively address problematic behaviors. Multisystemic Therapy is a voluntary program and is free to participants.

Through Multisystemic Therapy, adolescents and members of the adolescent’s support network work with a therapist for approximately five to six months. Our therapists help participants to understand where issues have arisen, and how to effectively prevent and address issues moving forward. Therapists follow the national, evidence-based model for Multisystemic Therapy, and tailor it to each participant’s needs, ensuring that care is highly individualized. 

Our primary goals are to keep families together and keep adolescents in the home. 

What to Expect

After a family is referred to us by the Frederick, Washington, or Allegany County Department of Juvenile Services or Department of Social Services, one of our therapists will reach out to conduct an intake interview and to ensure that the family meets the criteria for participation.

Multisystemic Therapy generally lasts for four to six months. During this time, therapists will come meet with families in their homes, in schools, and in the community. Our therapists also offer flexible scheduling. Care is highly individualized so that we can most effectively address the problems families are experiencing, including the factors that led to problematic behaviors.  

After the program has ended, we refer families to appropriate community resources including outpatient individual and family therapy, as well as respite care. 

About the Team

Our team is comprised of licensed mental health professionals. Care and services are provided to individuals in Frederick, Washington, and Allegany Counties. 

Accessing Care

Multisystemic Therapy is a free, voluntary, grant-funded program available to adolescents ages 12 to 17.5 in Frederick, Washington, and Allegany Counties and their families. Participants must be referred by the Frederick, Washington, or Allegany County Department of Juvenile Services or Department of Social Services.

Multisystemic therapy is highly effective. Supported by more than 30 years of research and nearly 13,000 cases, youth see positive results:

A 22-year follow-up study completed by the Missouri Delinquency Project showed that youth who had received MST had: