This board governs the system’s activities to help ensure that we are providing quality, compassionate mental health treatment.

To this day, the board still upholds the original guidelines set in place for The Sheppard Asylum by founder Moses Sheppard in 1853. To ensure the humane treatment of the mentally ill, these guidelines include:

  • Courteous treatment and comfort of all patients
  • No patient to be confined below ground; all to have privacy, sunlight, and fresh air
  • A curative environment, combining science, and experience for the best possible results
  • Only the income of the endowment, not principal, is to be spent to build and operate the Health System

Board Members

The Sheppard and Enoch Pratt Foundation, Inc. is the parent corporation for Sheppard Pratt and its affiliates, as well as for The Sheppard Pratt Physicians, P.A., and is the entity that conducts fundraising. The Board of Trustees governing our system includes:

  • Margaret Allen
  • Kevin M. Benson
  • Saralyn Elkin
  • Susan Fenimore
  • Norman Forbush
  • Alan Gamse
  • Philip H. Grantham
  • William Haugh
  • Bonita Hearn
  • Susan Howe
  • Joshua Kakel
  • Alton Knight
  • Robert Kresslein
  • Cristin C. Lambros
  • Patrick Miller
  • William Morton
  • Collin Mothupi
  • William Paternotte
  • David Saunders
  • Ned Walton
  • Jim Wiederhold