Helping individuals whose employment opportunities have been limited or interrupted due to a disability or mental illness.

People Cared For

  • Young Adults
  • Adults
  • Older Adults

Level of Care

  • Community Based

Payment Type

  • Free
  • Medicaid
  • Medicare

Sheppard Pratt has a long history of helping individuals with varying disabilities be work-ready. We believe paid community-based employment is imperative to recovery. Being part of the labor force enhances individuals’ quality of life and results in immeasurable positive outcomes like increased self-esteem.

Individual Placement and Support 

We use the individual placement and support (IPS) employment model to help our clients find meaningful work. IPS is the gold standard when it comes to supported employment — research supports that this model is more likely to produce better employment outcomes than other vocational rehabilitation models.   

With IPS, we strive to rapidly place every individual who desires employment, regardless of their mental health condition, in a work situation. Following the research, instead of waiting for a person’s symptoms to decrease or for them to “be ready” for work, we place them in a job soon and help them manage their symptoms.

Our team of employment specialists identifies employers and positions in the community that can meet a client’s needs.  

Supported Employment: Why Choose Us?

Our supported employment approach increases the likelihood that you or your loved one will have work success and job satisfaction. With IPS, we focus on identifying jobs based on a client’s current vocational interests and abilities as well as the employer’s need.

Our vocational services staff develops relationships with local employers. We educate employers on the rewards and challenges of hiring individuals with disabilities. The result is that our clients have many opportunities for employment.

Community Employment Programs: What to Expect

To help you or your loved one be successful, our community employment program specialists:

  • Assess each client individually to pinpoint the type of work they desire
  • Identify basic skills required for the types of employment they seek
  • Provide skills training 

Employment specialists also help our clients conduct job searches via the internet, newspapers, or other community resources. When needed, specialists provide application and interview support. Once you or your loved one is employed, we:

  • Offer benefits counseling
  • Provide ongoing job coaching, as needed, for job retention and personal growth
  • Troubleshoot travel-related concerns to help clients get to and from work
  • Work closely with the client and the employer to resolve any concerns that may arise

Count on Sheppard Pratt for Vocational Services

Vocational services are one of Sheppard Pratt’s comprehensive offerings to help our clients live a satisfying and meaningful life on their terms. 

If you or a loved one needs help overcoming employment barriers, contact:

  • Frederick County: 301-662-0099, ext. 1462
  • Howard County: 410-740-1901, ext. 7741
  • Washington County: 301-733-6063 
  • Baltimore, Baltimore County, Carroll, and Harford Counties: 410-453-9553 
  • Prince George's County: 301-577-5900
  • Montgomery County: 301-840-3292

Click here to download our Vocational Services referral form.