Interagency Family Preservation is a free, grant-funded program designed to teach Frederick County at-risk youth and their families the skills they need to foster a happy, healthy home.

People Cared For

  • Young Children
  • Children
  • Adolescents

Level of Care

  • Community Based
  • Home Based
  • Outpatient

Payment Type

  • Free
Sheppard Pratt will no longer be offering the Interagency Family Preservation Services (IFPS) program as of June 30, 2024. We have appreciated working with our youth and their families to develop skills to foster a happy, healthy home. At this time, we are no longer accepting new referrals. 

If you are in need of resources, we recommend the following:

Interagency Family Preservation is a therapeutic program designed to prevent at-risk youth in Frederick County from being removed from the home unnecessarily. Through our intensive on-site intervention model, families learn the skills they need to effectively work together and create a healthy, safe home environment in which the whole family can thrive.   

Who We Serve

We serve youth ages 0 – 18 who live in Frederick County, and who are at high risk for being removed from the home, whether due to a mental health or substance use diagnosis, situational factors, or other contributing issues. Families are an integral part of the Interagency Family Preservation treatment process and are highly involved throughout this home-based program. 

Our Services

In Interagency Family Preservation, our licensed therapists focus on equipping youth and their families with the skills and resources that they need to effectively address problematic behaviors and to foster a positive home environment for the whole family. Interagency Family Preservation is a free and voluntary program and is funded by grants.

Through Interagency Family Preservation, youth and their family members work with a licensed therapist for approximately six weeks. Our therapists help participants to understand where issues have arisen and how to effectively prevent and address issues moving forward. 

Our primary goal is to ensure that youth are not removed from the home to another placement unless absolutely necessary. 

What to Expect

After a family is referred to us, one of our therapists will reach out to conduct an intake interview and to ensure that the family meets the criteria for, and is interested in, participating.

The Interagency Family Preservation program is an intensive, short-term offering – families work with us for a six-week period. 

During this six-week period, therapists will come meet with families in their homes, in schools, and in the community for approximately five hours per week. Our therapists offer flexible scheduling. Care is highly individualized so that we can most effectively address the problems families are experiencing, including the factors that led to problematic behaviors and consideration of out-of-home placement.  

After the program has ended, we refer families to appropriate community resources including outpatient individual and family therapy, respite care, community support programs, housing assistance, and more. 

About the Team

Our team is comprised of licensed mental health professionals. Care and services are provided to families who live in Frederick County. 

Accessing Care

Interagency Family Preservation is a free, voluntary, grant-funded program available to youth ages 0 to 18 in Frederick County and their families. We accept referrals from many sources, including the local school system, private practitioners, the Department of Social Services, and more; families are also welcome to reach out to us directly to obtain services.