The Child and Adolescent Day Hospital is a warm and welcoming environment for adolescents who need more clinically-intensive services than can be provided in an outpatient setting.

People Cared For

  • Adolescents

Level of Care

  • Day Hospital
  • Partial Hospitalization
  • Intensive Outpatient

Payment Type

  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • Private Insurance
  • Self Pay

Who the Child and Adolescent Day Hospitals Serve

  • Children and adolescents ages 10 - 17: we serve ages 10 - 17 at our Towson hospital, and ages 12 - 17 at the Baltimore/Washington Campus
  • Diagnoses treated:
    • Major depressive disorders
    • Anxiety disorders, including obsessive-compulsive disorder
    • Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
    • Oppositional defiant disorder
    • Other mental health conditions

About the Program

Most people are referred to our day hospital after they have stabilized or completed an inpatient treatment program, or through a treating clinician who feels they need more treatment than can be provided on an outpatient basis. Our day hospital provides treatment during the day, allowing patients to return to the comforts of their own home at night. Child and Adolescent Day Hospital programming is offered on weekdays from 8:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.; the average length of care at the Child and Adolescent Day Hospital is two to three weeks. Patients are generally referred to the location that is closest to their home.

Our Staff & Types of Treatment 

Our experienced, interdisciplinary treatment teams can include psychiatrists or nurse practitioners, therapists, mental health specialists, occupational therapists, and nurses. Patients engage in six and a half hours of therapeutic programming each day; care at the day hospitals is offered in a group therapy model. We offer:

  • Group treatment which can include modalities like:
    • Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)
    • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
    • Psychoeducation
    • Recreation/activity
  • Supportive counseling
  • Medication and symptom management as needed
  • Treatment planning
  • Aftercare planning and coordination
  • Family meetings

Sample Schedule

Continuing Care

We ensure that care does not stop when an individual is ready to leave the day hospital. While a patient is enrolled at the Child and Adolescent Day Hospital, our interdisciplinary team will create a comprehensive aftercare plan to ensure that the appropriate community-based appointments have been arranged.  

How to Enroll

  1. Visit one of our Psychiatric Urgent Care walk-in clinics for a level of care assessment.
  2. If you are referred to the day hospital, a Day Hospitals Admissions Coordinator will contact you to share orientation information and schedule a start date.
  3. Depending on your insurance authorization requirements, you may need an assessment prior to admission. This assessment would be scheduled and performed by our program providers.

If you are a provider making a referral, click here.