Children’s waiting room at the Montgomery County Circuit Court.

People Cared For

  • Young Children
  • Children

Level of Care

  • Community Based

Payment Type

  • Free

During domestic violence, child abuse, and divorce cases, parents without child care often have no other choice but to bring their children into court. This can cause children to hear things that could often be confusing and upsetting. To solve this problem, we developed a program called “Kids Spot.”

Kids Spot is a welcoming, child-friendly waiting area for children of parents and guardians in Montgomery County who have business with the Montgomery County Circuit Court System. Kids Spot, located in Room 172 on the first floor of the Montgomery County Circuit Court Building, provides free, supervised child care in a safe and secure environment. This allows parents and guardians to attend their court appointments without their children being present in the courtroom.   

Our Philosophy

At Kids Spot, we understand that parents and guardians with business at the Circuit Courts need to bring their children with them from time to time. Kids Spot allows parents to attend their court proceedings and other appointments without the stress and potential disruptions of having their children in the courtroom.

By providing free, on-site childcare, Kids Spot protects and shelters children from exposure to legal proceedings and adult conflicts that are best left unheard by children.