Housing Initiative Program

Helping Montgomery residents tackle homelessness.

People Cared For

  • Young Adults
  • Adults

Level of Care

  • Community Based

Payment Type

  • Free

The Housing Initiative Program helps Montgomery County residents experiencing homelessness secure permanent housing and other needed resources to help end their homelessness. Through the Housing Initiative Program, Montgomery County residents have access to a variety of housing services and assistance free of charge.  

Our Philosophy

The Housing Initiative Program follows the Housing First model, prioritizing finding permanent housing for those experiencing homelessness to end their homelessness and set them up for success. Our compassionate team members operate under the theory that people need a stable home before they can work towards other goals, such as securing a job, improving their health (including addressing substance use issues), and other, less critical, needs. Once an individual is settled and has a safe place to return to every evening, they can then work on improving their quality of their life and becoming a contributing member of the community.   

We understand that working with large agencies and governments can be overwhelming, and our case managers and service coordinators provide a welcoming atmosphere where people can feel comfortable asking for help and getting answers. By helping individuals find permanent housing and removing barriers to success, we help them to become successful, and we are improving outcomes in Montgomery County.


Referrals are received from the Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services.