Referrals & Enrollment

We receive referrals from the Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services and work with homeless individuals and families that need permanent supportive housing.

For more information about the Housing Initiative Program and to learn how to enroll, contact the Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services Shelter Services at 240-777-4448.

Finding Housing

Upon entering the program, the initial goal for each client is finding permanent housing, and each individual initially works with a housing locator. Together with the housing locator, the client looks for appropriate permanent housing. Once housing is found, the client works with their case manager, who reviews the lease with them and explains their rights and responsibilities; then, the client will sign a lease.

Our clients pay their own rent, which is determined by a formula related to their income (including supplemental security income (SSI) and is subsidized by the county. Once in their new housing, the client may stay there as long as they like, provided they pay their rent and utilities, maintain the property, act neighborly, and receive case management services from us.  

Once safe, comfortable housing is secured, we continue to work with individuals and their families by providing support and services to ensure that they maintain their housing, have access to services and information, and are able to become stable, productive members of the community.

Our Services

We often work with clients who have faced many challenges in their lives, and our case managers provide our clients with extensive assistance to help them maintain their housing. We support our clients through coaching and guidance, or by providing necessary referrals. While each situation is unique, we have helped clients:

  • Learn to properly clean their property

  • Budget appropriately so they can pay their bills

  • Deal with hoarding issues

  • Understand their lease

  • Identify who is allowed to live at their property

  • Know when to call their landlord (leaks, broken appliances), and

  • Know what it means to be a good neighbor (not being too loud, leaving trash out, etc.)

Many of our clients also struggle with chronic physical and mental health conditions, and our case management services extend beyond housing needs. Our trained and experienced service coordinators and case managers work hard to remove barriers and connect clients with the resources, skills, and community supports they need in order to maintain their housing and become independent members of the community.

While each individual has unique needs and goals, our team of compassionate case managers works with our clients to provide:

  • Intensive community-based service coordination and access to medical, mental health, and social services

  • Landlord/tenant mediation, advocacy, and education

  • Eviction prevention

  • Entitlement assistance (document assistance, referrals)

  • Budget development and financial literacy counseling; referrals to financial education classes

  • Independent living assistance, including education on fire safety, household management, anger management, and more

  • Crisis plan development

  • Employment readiness and training, and assistance with resume writing

  • Referrals to resource connections for food, clothing, household furnishings, transportation, and more


Referrals are received from the Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services.