Housing Counselor

Assisting Gaithersburg residents with housing needs.

People Cared For

  • Young Adults
  • Adults

Level of Care

  • Community Based

Payment Type

  • Free

The Housing Counselor Program helps Gaithersburg residents secure needed resources and navigate the complexities related to renting, landlord and tenant matters, housing, and related issues and services. Gaithersburg residents are entitled to the assistance of a housing counselor free of charge, and our office is easily accessible to public transportation and offers free parking.

Our Philosophy

Our housing counselors help improve the lives of Gaithersburg residents by assisting low-income families in gaining access to services. We work with individuals and families that may need assistance accessing information, advocating for programs or assistance, or locating appropriate and affordable housing options.

We understand that working with large agencies and governments can be overwhelming, and our counselors provides a welcoming atmosphere where people can feel comfortable asking for help and getting answers. By removing barriers, we assist individuals and families in successfully meeting their housing needs.