Behavioral health services embedded in GBMC primary care practices in partnership with Sheppard Pratt

People Cared For

  • Adolescents
  • Adults
  • Young Adults
  • Older Adults

Level of Care

  • Outpatient

Payment Type

  • Medicare
  • Private Insurance

More than a quarter of individuals who have physical health conditions also suffer from a mental health condition. To make access to mental health care easier for people in the Baltimore region, we partner with Greater Baltimore Medical Center (GBMC) to provide behavioral health services in primary care practices.

Why Collaborative Care?

Research shows people are more open to receiving treatment when offered in a familiar setting. Collaborative Care is a model for doing this kind of treatment that is very flexible and patient centered. 

Full-time Sheppard Pratt behavioral health care managers work in GBMC primary care practices to provide behavioral health support, in the office or virtually. This means that the mental health services can be provided right there in the office, or in the comfort of one’s home. By using this approach, individuals do not have to worry about finding a mental health provider near them, figuring out if the provider takes their insurance, and waiting for an available appointment.

Each person participating in Collaborative Care has a team including themselves, their Behavioral Health Care Manager, their Primary Care Provider, and a consulting psychiatrist. This group can help to make quick, focused changes to help the person feel relief from symptoms. 

Services Offered

Collaborative Care provides brief therapeutic treatment to help people develop and use skills to manage symptoms like depression and anxiety. Our providers partner with you to build a collaborative, effective treatment plan. 

Through Collaborative Care, you can access: 

  • Brief therapeutic intervention
  • Psychiatric consultation
  • Collaboration with your primary care provider

Accessing Services

The Collaborative Care program participates with many major private insurance companies, as well as Medicare.

Services are available through primary care at GBMC Health Partners offices. To begin services, talk with your GBMC primary care provider.

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