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Direct-to-employer mental health services for your employees

Mental health is an important investment for employers: more than a quarter of U.S. employees want to see their employer provide support for their mental health. And, with nearly 4 in 10 Americans indicating that the coronavirus pandemic is having an impact on their mental health, it’s imperative that employers support their workers’ mental health, now more than ever. 

Bring mental health support services straight to your employees through Sheppard Pratt Direct: direct-to-employer behavioral health services. Supplement your employee assistance program benefits with services from one of the nation’s top mental health providers. 

Sheppard Pratt Direct services are customized to meet your employees’ distinct needs and are paid by the employer for the benefit of the employee – removing insurance barriers from the equation. Simply put, Sheppard Pratt is your partner in mental health.

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Why Invest in Employee Mental Health? 

Addressing mental health issues early on can equate to cost savings for employers – and can boost employee morale.

  • Untreated mental health conditions can lead to costly physical health problems – those with depression have increased risk of problems like diabetes and heart disease.
  • Mental health conditions like depression are among the leading causes of disability around the world – left untreated, this equates to more days of missed work. Globally, the estimated cost in lost productivity is $1 trillion each year.
  • More than half of workers indicate that their productivity is negatively impacted by their mental health.

Sheppard Pratt is one of the top mental health facilities in the nation; we respect the work that Sheppard Pratt does for the community and knew that a partnership could assist our employees not only locally but across the country as well.

Sheppard Pratt Direct Services

Our team will work with you to tailor a custom package that meets your employees’ needs. 

You can select from these services, or we can customize a program together:

Confidential Access to a Sheppard Pratt Navigator

A Sheppard Pratt Navigator is a licensed social worker assigned to your employees who can answer general mental health questions and connect employees with the mental health service providers that fit their needs. Confidential access to a Sheppard Pratt Navigator can remove the obstacles to seeking care for ones-self or a family member. Providing this confidential service to your employees gives them a safe space to discuss private concerns and seek credible, expert care. Employee productivity improves when mental health issues are resolved. 


All conversations with a Sheppard Pratt Navigator are completely private and confidential; no information is shared back with the employer.

Mental Health Self-Assessments

Mental health self-assessments can help employees determine if they need a little extra help when it comes to their mental health. Offer your employees the opportunity to find out in the privacy of their own home with our confidential self-assessments. Some will find their mental fitness tops the chart. Others will discover help is available through the Sheppard Pratt Navigator. Either way, employers win by supporting mental wellness, removing stigma, and providing access to help. 


Once an employer has partnered with Sheppard Pratt Direct, employees receive a free 45-minute coaching session with a licensed social worker to review their assessment or discuss other issues like family dynamics. The Sheppard Pratt Navigator will become familiar with your company’s mental health benefits, and can talk to employees about the company’s mental health benefits and how they can fit into their personal and professional life. 

Mental Health Webinars

Mental health webinars, offered virtually by Sheppard Pratt expert clinicians, can be hosted weekly or monthly depending on your employees’ schedules and needs. Are they working from the office? Dealing with virtual school? Suffering the loss of a loved one? These emotional experiences impact their work productivity. Seminars are customizable, and can feature topics such as: 


Distress tolerance

Sleep & mental health

Loneliness & social isolation

Couples/family communication best practices

Anxiety during COVID

Managing uncertainty, change, and anxiety about re-opening


Our webinars are both interactive and private; we use a webinar tool that allows attendees to hide their names and faces so they can have private concerns addressed in-the-moment.

Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health First Aid educates your employees to recognize the warning signs of a mental health crisis and seek help. Mental Health First Aid helps employees avoid crises and address them when or if they appear. The training can be delivered in 1-hour modules in a virtual format. 

Mental Health First Aid for Managers is a skills-based training course that teaches managers how to notice and support an employee who may be experiencing a mental health concern and connect them with appropriate resources.  This training course equips managers to respond to employees facing a mental health situation or offer support for an employee in emotional distress.

Employee Mental Health Fitness Challenges

Trying to motivate your staff to engage in mental wellness? Host a Mental Health Challenge where individuals can accrue points for attending mental wellness seminars, completing the self-assessment, and engaging with the Sheppard Pratt Navigator. Leadership participation removes stigma and increases employee engagement. You may choose to reward challenge winners with prizes or recognition. 

Our most popular package is only $1,750/month and includes:

  • Monthly live, interactive webinar customized to your employee base’s needs
  • Confidential Sheppard Pratt Navigator access for your employees
  • Online Mental Wellness Self-Assessments, with reporting and resources available to employees after they complete the assessment

Or, work with our team to design your own package! Choose the number of seminars that meets your needs or make focusing on mental health a year-long initiative.

Why Choose Sheppard Pratt Direct for Direct-to-Employer Mental Health Care? 

Sheppard Pratt Direct is the only comprehensive direct-to-employer mental health program that is backed by a world-renowned mental health organization and evidenced-based practices. With more than 160 programs across 380+ sites of service, your employees have the entire, unparalleled Sheppard Pratt continuum of care at their fingertips. 

Sheppard Pratt offers programs for some of the most common mental health problems, including:

  • Depression 
  • Anxiety
  • Substance use disorders

When you put your employees’ mental health first, everyone benefits.

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