Helping homeless veterans find and retain meaningful work through a U.S. Department of Labor grant.

People Cared For

  • Young Adults
  • Adults
  • Older Adults

Level of Care

  • Community Based

Payment Type

  • Free

To help homeless veterans find and keep meaningful work, the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) awards grant funding to Sheppard Pratt programs. Using a targeted approach, Operation New Start helps hundreds of homeless veterans find meaningful, rewarding work each year. 

Employment Support for Homeless Veterans

The federal Homeless Veterans’ Reintegration Program enabled Sheppard Pratt to create Operation New Start. Our program meets the unique needs of homeless veterans to help them find employment. 

To locate homeless veterans, we use nonthreatening outreach to:

  • Homeless shelters
  • Food banks
  • Other community locations 

Our staff also participates in Stand Down events. These gatherings bring together multiple agencies that offer support services to help homeless veterans receive supplies, services, and referrals to assistance. We offer assessments to determine veterans’:

  • Willingness to engage in employment services
  • Program eligibility
  • Job readiness

Based on our assessment, we develop an individual employment plan that emphasizes each veteran’s strengths and preferences, while reducing any barriers to employment. 

Homeless Veterans Job Training and Placement

We provide targeted job training to help our veterans compete in the local workforce. Sheppard Pratt’s employment specialists tailor job training services to the industries and occupations in the communities where our clients will work. You or your loved one will come away with the skills necessary to join the workforce. Learn more about our vocational services.

In addition to skill-building, our veteran clients receive individualized job counseling. Supported employment services may include:

  • Application and interview support
  • Coaching and mentoring for the first 180 days on the job
  • Help with a job search
  • Resume assistance
  • Work-related travel assistance

Comprehensive Services Support Work Readiness for Homeless Veterans

We help our veteran clients overcome barriers to employment success and personal success. 

In addition to job placement, our case management services include:

  • Help developing independent-living skills
  • Housing assistance
  • Psychosocial support
  • Substance abuse support or treatment

We customize services to meet the specific needs of each homeless veteran. We can connect our veteran clients to all of the mental and behavioral health services that Sheppard Pratt offers.

Learn More About Operation New Start for Homeless Veterans

Operation New Start is one of many service offerings of Sheppard Pratt. Our comprehensive services help veterans overcome barriers to fulfill their hopes and dreams.

For more information about our employment services for homeless veterans, contact us at 410-938-4357 or