Funded by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, we offer programs that aim to prevent and eliminate homelessness among veterans and their families

People Cared For

  • Adults
  • Young Adults
  • Older Adults

Level of Care

  • Residential
  • Community Based

Payment Type

  • Free

The veterans housing programs offered by Sheppard Pratt Health System help eligible veterans and their families find stable housing. We aim to prevent and eliminate homelessness among veterans and their families. 

Support for Homeless Veterans

Several competitive, community-based grants fund Sheppard Pratt’s work to help prevent homelessness among veterans in our community:

Supportive Services for Veterans Families (SSVF) 

Clients can get short-term assistance through this program funded by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). The program is designed to help Veteran families or individuals address issues and secure permanent housing. SSVF provides a short, intensive period of case management to link families to benefits and sometimes provide temporary financial assistance with housing or moving expenses.

Services may include: 

  • Financial assistance for moving costs or late rent payments
  • Help finding housing
  • Referrals to legal services 
  • Referrals to health care services
  • Child care support
  • Transportation assistance

Eligible SSVF Veterans:

  • At least one day of active military service, and
  • Discharge other than dishonorable, and
  • Very low income, and
  • Must be at imminent risk of becoming homeless (i.e. court-ordered eviction) OR currently homeless

Contact us to learn more about Alliance Housing: 410-282-5900 Ext 3333  

Homeless Veteran Reintegration Program

Many of our clients are eligible for services from the Homeless Veteran Reintegration Program, which helps homeless veterans re-engage in the workforce. Funding for this program comes from the U.S. Department of Labor, Veteran Employment and Training Services.

North Point Veterans Home: Help for Homeless Veterans

Veterans with existing mental health issues may be eligible for the North Point Veterans Home. Funded by a VA grant, North Point provides co-ed, skills-based transitional housing for homeless veterans. The goal is to help veterans get back on their feet and find stable housing.

For up to 24 months, we help veterans get re-established in the community with:

  • Employment support
  • Financial counseling, such as money management education
  • Help securing VA benefits 
  • Support for mental illness, substance abuse, or both 
  • Recovery-oriented services designed to support sobriety for veterans with a substance use disorder
  • Training and assistance in developing independent living skills

North Point provides meals, laundry services, and activities. Residents participate by completing chores and paying a monthly, income-based program fee.

Contact Us

Veterans housing is one of Sheppard Pratt’s housing support services. Housing support services are part of our portfolio of service offerings to help people achieve the highest possible level of independence.

For more information about our veterans housing services, or to make a referral, contact:

  • North Point Services: 240-500-3105
  • Operation New Start: 240-344-8274
  • Alliance Housing: 410-282-5900 Ext 3333