GUYS Youth Mentoring Program

Working with middle school males to promote positive life choices and outcomes.

People Cared For

  • Adolescents
  • Children

Level of Care

  • School Based

Payment Type

  • Free

GUYS Youth Mentoring program works with males at Gaithersburg Middle School in Montgomery County, Maryland, to help them build resilience and develop positive social skills and attitudes related to academics, family, and other relationships. We aim to minimize the influence of street gangs, drug and alcohol use, bullying, and negative peer pressure.   

Our Philosophy

The Youth Mentoring program works with middle school males, intervening before they reach high school to address any potential problems or behaviors before they become epidemic. Working collaboratively with the school administration and other school personnel, we identify and develop relationships with students needing academic or behavioral support.

Our dedicated and experienced youth development specialist, along with additional mentoring groups, engages with these young men, serving as an influential role model to help them overcome the challenges they face, develop positive goals, and reach academic levels that they were previously unaware were possible.