Crisis & Admission

Same-day access to psychiatric care, appointment scheduling, access to mental health professionals.

Inpatient & Specialty Services

More than a dozen high level care units across two campuses.

Residential & Structured Day Services

High quality treatment during the weekdays without the intensity of an inpatient unit.

Therapy & Medication Management

Comprehensive outpatient therapeutic options for a variety of diagnoses.

Community & Family Supports

Warm, caring assistance to foster health and well-being in the home and in communities.

Schools & School-Based Services

Programs that provide care, counseling, and guidance to the most vulnerable student populations.

Developmental Disability Services

Comprehensive vocational and residential services to help individuals with developmental disabilities.

Housing & Homelessness Services

We offer educational, counseling, and housing assistance services for any person experiencing homelessness.

Employment & Job Training

Vocational services that help prepare people for meaningful employment.

Care Coordination & In-Home Services

Removing barriers to accessing care with transportation and in-home visits.