Can residents bring electronics?

Yes, but only electronics that do not connect to the internet.

What is the daily structure like? 

See a sample schedule here. Individual and family therapy is woven into the daily schedule. Residents receive daily, personalized schedules with their appointments and therapy sessions arranged. 

How often will my child see their provider? 

Your child will see their provider two to three times a week, along with a number of other mental health care workers.

Will you coordinate with my child's home provider?

Yes, if you wish. Our team can coordinate with your child’s home provider. We can maintain contact with them, include them in treatment meetings, and coordinate transitional sessions and discharge planning. We can help the resident find new providers post-treatment if necessary, and/or host transitional sessions when the resident is ready to return to their school or home provider.

Will my child have recreational time at The LifeLaunch?

There is time throughout the week for recreational activities like art, music, and reading. We also arrange off-grounds activities on Fridays, which combine a recreational activity with occupational therapy and independent living skills.

What is family involvement like?

We encourage contact with the families and the residents, including phone calls and visits. Visits (on and off grounds) are encouraged when clinically appropriate. Family therapy occurs 2-3 times a week and will be tailored to the resident and the family’s needs.