Mosaic Community Services

Founded in 1984, Mosaic Community Services is the largest community-based behavioral health service provider in Maryland, providing services to thousands of children, adolescents, and adults annually. Mosaic’s main focus is on recovery, and all of their services and programs are designed to reinforce the recovery process for their clients.

Services and programs offered by Mosaic include:

  • Behavioral Health Clinics: Comprehensive mental health counseling centers addressing a wide range of behavioral health issues 
  • Adult Medical Day Care: Specialized day programs for clients who have both mental health and primary healthcare needs 
  • Addiction Recovery Services: Substance abuse treatment services, including suboxone maintenance, outpatient detoxification, intensive therapy, and relapse prevention 
  • Psychiatric Rehabilitation Day Program (PRP): Therapeutic day programs to help clients gain confidence to live, work, and socialize successfully in the community 
  • Residential Rehabilitation Services: Housing opportunities for clients who need varying levels of support to live successfully in the community 
  • Residential Crisis Program: Short-term residential program to stabilize individuals who are experiencing a mental health crisis or those who need an alternative to, or step down from inpatient psychiatric hospitalization 
  • Vocational Services: Job coaching and placement services to assist clients in securing employment 
  • Targeted Case Management: Serving individuals currently in an extended inpatient stay or with a history of multiple hospitalizations and are not linked to community support services 
  • Mobile Treatment Services: Serving adults living in Baltimore City whose mental health treatment needs have not been met through routine, traditional outpatient mental health programs 
  • Off-Site Substance Abuse Assessment & Treatment Programs: Program providing drug screening of teen parents and adults for substance abuse as required by DSS and/or COA, in-hospital assessments and access to treatment programs are also available 
  • Off-Site Counseling: Diagnostic evaluations, individual, and family therapies provided in the home, school, or community to children, adolescents, and their families 
  • Occupational Therapy Services: Services provided as part of enrollment in Medical Day Care or Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP) 
  • Transitional Aged Youth (TAY) Program: Supported housing, vocational services, and service coordination for young adults ages 17-21 
  • Child & Adolescent In-Home Rehabilitation: In-home, wrap around services focusing on building the behavioral skills needed to function successfully in the community

Since becoming part of the Sheppard Pratt Health System in 1995, Mosaic has been instrumental in providing care to many of our patients in the Baltimore area once they have completed inpatient treatment and are in need of community-based assistance as they work to recover from mental health disorders. To learn more about Mosaic, please visit their website.