The LifeLaunch provides comprehensive and clinically intensive therapeutic offerings for teens with depression, anxiety, and other diagnoses in a full-service setting.

When your teen’s mental health is on the line, it’s important to get them the gold-standard, compassionate care that only Sheppard Pratt can provide.

We offer comfortable suites, a gym and basketball court, an enclosed outdoor courtyard, and more.

We understand that teens are taking time away from school to address their mental health, so we make it easy to stay on track.

Is outpatient therapy not enough for your teen's depression or anxiety?

If outpatient therapy or other mental health interventions have not been sufficient in helping your adolescent address their mental health needs, The LifeLaunch, a new offering from the nationally renowned Sheppard Pratt system of care, is here to help.

The LifeLaunch is a specialized short-term residential program for adolescents with anxiety and related mental health concerns. We provide comprehensive and clinically intensive therapeutic services, delivered by a multidisciplinary treatment team in a residential, full-service setting. Adolescents ages 12 – 17 stay with us for an average of one to three months. We accept residents from across the globe with a wide variety of diagnoses.

Residential treatment provides the around-the-clock support and expertise that is necessary when life’s demands have become overwhelming and is a highly effective solution when teens are stepping down from acute inpatient care.

At The LifeLaunch, You Can:

Our Program: What to Expect

We offer a residential program for addressing mental health issues such as depression and anxiety in adolescents 12 and older for whom outpatient and community-based supports have not been successful. Our multidisciplinary treatment team is led by a board-certified child & adolescent psychiatrist and includes therapists and other highly trained clinicians with extensive training in addressing anxiety disorders, mood disorders, and other mental health conditions. 

Residents participate in a variety of gold-standard, evidence-based treatment modalities that are tailored to their specific needs. Based on their evaluation, the clinical staff determine the most appropriate set of modalities, which could include cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), exposure with response prevention (ERP), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), family therapy, occupational therapy, art or movement therapy, and more. Our team provides medication management as indicated. We also provide the complementary, holistic therapies that help teens address all areas of their health. 

When an adolescent enrolls in The LifeLaunch, our main goals are to:

  • Stabilize the current psychiatric symptoms, resulting in a safe environment for the teen and a support system for the family
  • Complete a thorough and accurate diagnostic assessment; treatment starts on day one, and the diagnostic process is 14 days long
  • Develop an effective, holistic treatment plan based on the diagnostic assessment
  • Engage the adolescent in the small, therapeutic milieu to address underlying mental health issues, followed by teaching and reinforcing effective coping, communication, and emotion regulation skills
  • Provide family psychoeducation and family therapy to prepare the adolescent and family for a successful return to the community 
  • Build a comprehensive discharge plan in partnership with the family so everyone can maintain wellness and the adolescent is fully supported in all areas of their mental health as they return to their home environment

We understand that many adolescents are taking time away from their schooling to address their mental health. In addition to our robust and rigorous therapeutic offerings, we provide an individualized academic liaison as well as tutors and other academic support as needed. The academic liaison will work with the adolescent’s home school to support ongoing learning.  

My daughter has been through a series of challenges and programs... As I began looking at The LifeLaunch, it appealed to me because of proximity to home and its connection to such a venerable, well-established institution. I knew my daughter would be a focal point; she would get the level of attention and care that she needed from her clinicians.

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