Are You Suffering from Both Addiction and Mental Health Issues?

Individuals suffering from both a mental health condition and a substance use condition need specialized care that addresses the causes and effects of both disorders. Problems tend to be more serious in combination than they are in isolation. Most residential treatment facilities only focus on one disorder – meaning residents aren’t equipped with the tools they need to tackle both conditions and thrive when they return home. The Retreat is not most residential treatment facilities.

Mental Health and Addiction at The Retreat: Integrated Care

At The Retreat, we take a comprehensive approach to caring for individuals with co-occurring addiction and mental health struggles. Treatment for co-occurring disorders is co-led by a Master Addictions Counselor and a psychiatrist board certified in Addiction Medicine, and includes a full continuum of care, from detox to long-term recovery maintenance. 

We offer:

1:1 sessions with Addiction Therapist

Our addiction therapist, Erich Kauffman, LCPC, has deep experience in addiction counseling and co-occurring disorders

12-step integration

We hold groups five days a week for individuals who face co-occurring mental health and addictions disorders, and incorporate 12-step principles.

On-site recovery meetings

Alcoholics Anonymous holds meetings several times each day on our campus; we also offer meetings of Narcotics Anonymous and Al-Anon, a support group for friends and families of people living with alcoholism. 

Medication Assisted Therapy (MAT)

In addition, we have a buprenorphine MD on our team of clinicians.

Family services, including on-site meetings

Healthier communication with family is a common treatment goal for residents at The Retreat. We offer family education to help you and your loved ones gain new perspectives and receive guidance on creating healthier, more supportive interactions. Family therapy is also available.

Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) groups

DBT is a form of psychotherapy that is effective for people who have trouble managing strong emotions and problem behaviors. 

Long-term sober living options

Ruxton House and Magnolia House, our extended treatment options, offer a therapeutic, home-like setting where residents can continue treatment in a less intensive environment.

Why choose The Retreat when you’re struggling with mental health issues and addiction?

Our comprehensive program offers residents a unique opportunity to address multiple issues at the same time – leading to a higher likelihood of long-lasting recovery. Many residents who have relapsed after leaving other programs find successful sobriety and improved mental health after a stay at The Retreat.

We provide evidence-based treatment for addiction including cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT). We also offer pharmacotherapy such as buprenorphine and naloxone, which have been proven to be the most effective treatment for opioid use disorders.

And, as part of The Retreat’s full continuum of care, residents can participate in long-term sober living in our residential program or group home, and stay a part of our supportive, therapeutic community through our outpatient offerings.

Meet Our Clinicians Specializing in Co-Occurring Disorders

  • Michael Young, MD

    Medical Director, The Retreat by Sheppard Pratt
    Adult Psychiatry, Anxiety Disorders, Mood Disorders, Personality Disorders
  • Christoffel LeRoux, MD

    Lead Physician, The Retreat Co-Occurring Track
    Addiction Psychiatry, Adult Psychiatry
  • Benjamin Ehrenreich, MD

    Service Chief, Retreat Homes and Outpatient Services
    Addiction Medicine, Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Psychotherapy
  • Erich Kauffman, LCPC

    Addictions Counselor, The Retreat at Sheppard Pratt
  • Trina Lion, MS, LAc

    Eastern Meditation & Movement Specialist, The Retreat at Sheppard Pratt

I have a lot more hope for the future now - I’m excited to wake up every day. The Retreat really did save my life and restore my family. I’m forever grateful and indebted to them.

Even when life feels out of control, solutions are within reach.

The Retreat offers residential psychiatric rehabilitation to people experiencing behavioral health issues, including depression, OCD, anxiety, personality disorders, and co-occurring disorders.