We specialize in personalized depression treatment and rehabilitation for other mood, anxiety, substance use/addiction, and personality disorders. With 8 doctors and more than 60 behavioral health professionals available to treat 22 residents, we make sure everyone gets the individual treatment they need.

Continuum of Care

Ongoing access to the same therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists is important to recovery. After discharge, residents at The Retreat can move into our group home, Ruxton House, or live nearby; many former residents will move to the Baltimore area to continue receiving outpatient care from their treatment team. These options give you the opportunity to stay closely connected with your support system as you keep working on your recovery and receive the mental health services you need. 

When you work with professionals who understand your history, preferences, and needs, you have an extra layer of support to help you in your recovery. Read our program overview to learn more about our robust continuum of care.

Access to Immediate Treatment

When you need help, you need it right away. At The Retreat, our team of behavioral health professionals starts intensive therapy during the evaluation process. We use a range of therapies, including talk therapy, acupuncture, and lifestyle changes, to create a personalized treatment plan that works for you. Learn about the care available to you at The Retreat.

Doctor-led Treatment

Some residential rehabilitation programs only provide access to a licensed doctor during individual therapy. At The Retreat, experienced doctors drive many of our mental health services, including group therapy and some alternative treatments. This approach gives our residents more access to experienced, specially trained clinicians who can help them recover from behavioral health problems and mood disorders. Learn more about our expertise. 

Connections in the Community

Ongoing relationships are vital to your recovery. During your stay, we help you prepare for a successful recovery, so you can re-enter the community after you leave The Retreat. While at Ruxton House, our community-based group home, we encourage you to enroll in school, connect to job opportunities, and get involved with causes you are passionate about so you can find your purpose. Read about ongoing care at Ruxton House.

The individual care was exceptional, and I very much appreciate the team for their dedication to help give me the tools necessary for living a fuller life.

Hope and healing start here.

The Retreat at Sheppard Pratt is a source of hope for those who come here. As a self-pay program, we have the freedom, the flexibility, and the focus to turn lives around.