Extended Treatment at Ruxton House

For those who require a longer stay before they can return home successfully, Ruxton House, our transitional living program and treatment home, offers a supportive, therapeutic, home-like setting where they can reside while continuing their treatment as an outpatient with an emphasis on rehabilitation, recovery, improved self-care, and reintegration into the community. Ruxton House is staffed 24 hours a day by mental health professionals who help residents focus on their outpatient treatment plans and begin the transition back into the community. 

Amenities Offered

Ruxton House is an eight-bedroom residence located in a beautiful, quiet neighborhood near The Retreat. This contemporary treatment home features light and airy common areas, a gourmet kitchen, and modern conveniences, with several comfortable nooks for reading and socializing.

Amenities at Ruxton House include:

  • Wireless internet access

  • An office for residents’ use 

  • Daily meals, with resident input into food selection and preparation

  • Dinners prepared by a chef several days a week

  • Exercise room and access to a local health club with a swimming pool

Admission and Pricing

At Ruxton House, we generally host people recovering from severe mood disorders, debilitating anxiety, personality disorders, or other disabling psychiatric conditions. Some of our residents want more treatment time before returning to their home environments. Many residents have substance use or addiction issues in addition to psychological challenges.

Criteria for Admission

You must have completed a stay at The Retreat’s residential program before moving to Ruxton House. It’s important that we determine whether every resident would benefit from supported community living.

Facility Rules

Ruxton House residents must follow facility rules to stay at the house. These rules help keep all residents safe and accountable during their recovery. For example, residents must practice complete sobriety during their stay. If your symptoms are too severe for independent living in Ruxton House, we can offer you another appropriate level of care.

Payment Policies


Ruxton House is a self-pay program that does not participate with any insurance plans. When you arrive, you must submit a nonrefundable payment equal to a four-week stay. After that, residents must pay before receiving ongoing care.


The daily rate varies from $800 to $1,075, depending upon your accommodations. The cost includes meals, case management, and programming. Residents who seek other treatment, such as individual sessions, outpatient Dialectical Behavior Therapy program, or transcranial magnetic stimulation, pay for those services separately.

Length of Stay

We ask residents to commit to at least a four-week stay at Ruxton House. Many people choose to stay for several months or longer, depending on their recovery and clinical needs.

Planning for Discharge From Ruxton House

We understand that it can be challenging to return home or move into a new place after a stay with us. But you’re not alone. Our mental health services professionals work with you to design an aftercare plan that will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle during your recovery.

During your stay at The Retreat or Ruxton House, you’ll work with our staff to define what a healthy life looks like for you. Before you leave, our highly trained, dedicated social workers will work directly with you to help you create a new life and a meaningful future.

We replicate your detailed, personalized treatment plan by connecting you to:

  • Outpatient psychiatrists, who receive a complete update about your treatment before you transition to their care

  • Outpatient therapists who offer treatment methods that work for you

  • Complementary treatment, such as acupuncture, yoga, tai chi, or other offerings that have been effective during your stay at The Retreat

We also help you transition into your new community, assisting with everything from finding volunteer opportunities, to signing up for continuing education classes, to providing guidance throughout the relocation process.