During your stay at Ruxton House or Magnolia House, we continue to provide personalized individual therapy to support your rehabilitation, recovery, and self-care. Mental health professionals are available 24/7 at both Ruxton House and Magnolia House, providing an extra layer of support as you recover.

We offer therapies, groups, and activities during your mental health recovery, including:

Community Meeting

At weekly resident meetings with the Service Chief and the Program Manager, you and your housemates can discuss your needs and desires as a group. These meetings give you an opportunity to navigate the social environment of the house and build the skills to maintain a healthy lifestyle after discharge.

Psychodynamics Group

During this group session, you can talk with other residents about mental health disorders, anxieties, fears, and conflicts. You can expand upon the issues you address during individual therapy and receive feedback from other participants in a supportive environment.

The psychodynamics group meets four times weekly and is a continuation of the psychodynamic group at The Retreat.

Community Involvement

During your time at Ruxton House or Magnolia House, you’ll prepare to resume your life in the community. At the beginning of your stay, you’ll have the opportunity to choose an activity that is meaningful to you. You could decide to take college classes or volunteer for a cause that interests you. If you’re having trouble selecting an activity, an occupational therapist and other staff members can guide you through the search.

Social Events

When you participate in social events, you build relationships and can share your talents and experiences with other residents. During your stay at Ruxton House or Magnolia House, we offer:

  • Family-style dinner: At these communal meals, you and your housemates can get to know each other, relax, and process what you learned in individual and group therapy.

  • Weekend outings: The Retreat offers weekly activity therapy outings that are available to residents at Ruxton House and Magnolia House. These outings may include rock climbing, equine therapy, or seasonal activities such as kayaking.

  • Creative happenings: We encourage residents and staff of The Retreat, Ruxton House, and Magnolia House to share their artistry and individuality through creative outlets. We offer poetry jams, storytelling, musical performances, and artwork displays.

Outpatient Services

While at Ruxton House or Magnolia House, you work with a psychiatrist from The Retreat on an outpatient basis. Additional individual therapy and outpatient Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) are available through The Retreat’s outpatient services for an additional charge.

Other therapy opportunities include:

  • Therapy groups: These groups are available through The Retreat’s residential program and take place on Sheppard Pratt’s main campus, a short drive from Ruxton House and Magnolia House. 

  • Case management and social work services: These services ensure that you are moving toward your treatment goals. 

Additional Programming

Ruxton House and Magnolia House staff sometimes offers additional programming, depending on the interests of the residents. Past programming has included exercise groups, yoga, gardening, and music.