You’re not alone in your recovery. At The Retreat, we help you and your loved ones form healthy relationships through doctor-led group therapy and family therapy sessions. When your stay at The Retreat is over, this strong support system can help you maintain healthy habits and lifestyle changes.

Family Therapy and Group Therapy

Many residents at The Retreat enjoy establishing new friendships and improving family relationships through our group therapy sessions. Our group and family therapy offerings include:

Relationships Group

During relationships group therapy, you’ll learn ways to improve communication with everyone you interact with, including family and friends. The group sessions help you:

  • Discover the fundamental human desire for validation and connection

  • Learn how emotions drive behavior, specifically in relationships

  • Identify feelings that lead to negative cycles in your relationships

  • Reverse negative relationship patterns

  • Balance your needs with others’ needs

  • Address vulnerability in relationships

Our relationships group gives you the opportunity to learn about healthy interactions and practice expressing your needs. We may use role play to help group members gain vital communication skills.

Family Issues Group

The people closest to us influence how we experience ourselves and the world around us. Often, these people are the family we were born into or the family we have created through marriage and other intimate partnerships.

In the family issues therapy group, we explore the dynamic of these close relationships. By sharing with group participants, you can work to develop healthy and useful perspectives.

Family Therapy

Healthier communication with family is a common treatment goal for residents at The Retreat. Family therapy and couples therapy groups can help you and your loved ones gain new perspectives and receive guidance on creating healthier, more supportive interactions.

Each family is unique. We design our sessions to support, educate, and provide expert guidance that benefits your entire family. Family therapy sessions can help you and your loved ones:

  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses in your relationships

  • Identify areas where a change could benefit everyone

  • Create a plan for achieving that change

Family Day

We are committed to encouraging healing in families and providing comprehensive support for our residents. Our monthly Family Day is a half-day program to help families work through the emotions and challenges that may arise while a loved one is at The Retreat. Family Day may include:

  • Group therapy sessions specifically for family members

  • Group sessions for families and residents to focus on healing and support for residents

  • Lunch together for residents and families