What To Expect at The Retreat

Welcome to The Retreat, a mental health treatment center providing a full range of behavioral health care. It can be an emotional experience to check in for residential rehab. Our compassionate, professional staff helps you settle in at The Retreat, explaining everything you’ll need to know about your stay.

Beginning Your Stay at The Retreat

Before you arrive on our campus, we get to know you over the phone.

  • About your stay: We talk to you about your history, why you are considering a stay with us, and how treatment at The Retreat can benefit you.

  • Tour: You can arrange for a tour of our facility to ensure you are comfortable before joining us for your stay. All residents and visitors must wear a mask and social distance while at The Retreat.

  • Payment: The Retreat is a self-pay facility that requires payment for the first 20 days of your stay upon arrival. We work with you to help make arrangements for admission.

Walking through the door on your first day may not be easy. We are here to guide you every step of the way. You will quickly acclimate to the welcoming environment as we go through the day together.

Here’s what to expect once you arrive: 

Arrival and Tour

When you arrive, we place your belongings in the nursing office until we can go through them together. We take you on an in-depth tour of The Retreat. You’ll see the extensive grounds, featuring gorgeous landscapes and walking trails, as well as our manicured courtyards and cozy lounge areas. All residents and visitors must wear a mask and social distance while at The Retreat.

Paperwork and Initial Payment

Prior to arrival at The Retreat, you will submit payment and complete paperwork online. 

Paperwork includes:

  • Demographic information

  • Confidential information releases

  • Resident agreement

  • Financial agreement

  • Self-pay acknowledgment

  • Other items for you to review

Meeting With Your Treatment Team

Before starting mental health rehab, you’ll meet your team:

  • Meetings with your doctors and clinicians: While you meet with your doctors and clinicians, a member of our admissions team will provide your family or the person who escorted you with a brief tour of The Retreat.

  • Treatment team meetings: You have additional appointments throughout the day with your nurse, doctor, and a physician’s assistant (PA).

  • Meeting with nurse: Our nursing staff meets with you privately to complete a nursing assessment, where we ask you about your mental and physical health, as well as some questions to help us get to know you.

  • Meeting with psychiatrist: You and your psychiatrist get to know one another during this meeting to discuss your history and review your medications. Your psychiatrist also makes decisions as to the level of escort that is most appropriate for you. Generally, we place most residents on “staff escort” for the first several days after admission, which means a staff member accompanies you when you’re not in your unit.

  • Meeting with PA: Later in the day, a physician’s assistant takes your medical history and performs a physical examination.

Settling In

Our staff escorts you to your room and:

  • Helps you unpack and make your private suite comfortable

  • Ensures that you have not brought any unsafe items with you that need to be sent home

  • Reviews meal times and location for our breakfast, lunch, and dinner buffets

The nursing staff conducts rounds throughout the day, evening, and night to ensure that you are settling in well. A member of the nursing staff escorts you to all groups and meals until you feel comfortable in your new environment. 

If there is time on your first day, we encourage you to attend groups and eat meals with your peers — it often helps relieve any anxiety you may experience.

On the morning of your second day, we will complete lab work.

Accommodations at The Retreat

Our private residential rehab space is located on Sheppard Pratt’s beautiful flagship campus in Towson, Maryland. We offer the appropriate level and intensity of care you need to heal in a modern and elegant setting.

Our accommodations include:

  • Private, unlocked suites with full bathrooms, cable, and WiFi
  • Socialization in common areas, including a beautiful outdoor courtyard
  • Technology use, including cell phones, tablets, and laptops 
  • Proximity to an international airport, restaurants, and museums in downtown Baltimore, as well as Washington and Philadelphia
  • Breathtaking 87-acre campus with access to extensive walking trails, historical sites, and a museum

Those admitted to The Retreat must function at a level where they do not need a locked unit, seclusion, or restraint. 

Contact us to plan your stay at The Retreat.

The staff was super accommodating and nice. The treatment services were holistic; cutting-edge treatments were available, and medications were constantly monitored. The facilities also exceed expectations. Overall a wonderful place!

Surroundings that support the healing ahead