Residency Program

Psychiatric residents from the joint residency program of Sheppard Pratt/University of Maryland School of Medicine rotate through Dr. Koliatsos’ clinic to experience clinical aspects of neuropsychiatry. Residents learn to apply the theoretical foundation of neuroscience to the evaluation and treatment of patients with traumatic brain injury and other neuropsychiatric conditions.

Typically, the resident will see a patient either alone or with the RN clinical coordinator, taking a history and evaluating the patient’s mental and neurological status. The resident then presents the case to Dr. Koliatsos using a biopsychosocial framework. The case discussion includes a review of the patient's brain imaging as well as pertinent references from the literature.

The resident then sees the patient with Dr. Koliatsos, observes fine points of the neurological exam, and assists in devising the treatment plan. Other educational opportunities for psychiatric residents include Dr. Koliatsos’ weekly developmental rounds on the Child and Adolescent Neuropsychiatric Inpatient Unit, his consultations for patients throughout the inpatient facility, and the Neuropsychiatry Program’s grand rounds.

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