Vassilis Koliatsos, MD

Senior Neuropsychiatrist, Research and Education


  • Neuropsychiatry
  • Neuroscience
  • Adult Psychiatry

Dr. Vassilis E. Koliatsos is the senior neuropsychiatrist for Research and Education at Sheppard Pratt Health System. 

Dr. Koliatsos, who is a senior faculty member at both the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and the University of Maryland School of Medicine, founded the Neuropsychiatry Program at Sheppard Pratt in 1997 to establish a coordinated approach to care for a variety of complex patients with severe cognitive, emotional, and behavioral problems. The Neuropsychiatry Program was designed to help clarify the causes and mechanisms of symptoms and provides both consultative services and direct patient care. Dr. Koliatsos also has an active clinical practice focusing on patients with TBI and neurodegenerative dementias.

Dr. Koliatsos’ main clinical and research interests focus on how the nervous system deals with traumatic ‘insults’ and what it does to repair itself; or in the case of failure or clinical disease, what can be done therapeutically to help simple and complex functioning, reset neurotransmitter systems, or even repair circuits with novel methodologies.

He graduated summa cum laude from the University of Athens School of Medicine, and completed additional clinical training in internal medicine and neurology while in the Greek Navy. Dr. Koliatsos then received a NATO fellowship and subsequently entered the Department of Neurology at Johns Hopkins University to begin postdoctoral studies on mechanisms of neurodegenerative diseases. While training there, he established his own laboratory within the Division of Neuropathology and Hopkins’ Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center, and simultaneously completed clinical training in psychiatry at Sheppard Pratt.