For Those Experiencing a Mental Health Problem

At a Sheppard Pratt outpatient mental health center, you will participate in a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation at your first appointment. One of our experienced, licensed clinicians will meet with you to discuss your history and the problems you’ve been experiencing. You will work together to complete mental health screenings and diagnostic evaluations to determine your diagnosis.

Then, your clinician will provide you with an individualized treatment recommendation. Once you have received your treatment recommendation, we will work with you to schedule the appropriate appointments. Your clinician may recommend meeting with a psychiatrist to determine a medication to take, participating in individual or group therapy, or participating in psychoeducation.

For Those Experiencing a Substance Use Problem

If you are experiencing a substance use problem, your clinician may recommend one of our specialized substance use programs, which include:

  • Outpatient detoxification: Outpatient detoxification is medically-supervised detoxification from opiates, alcohol, benzodiazepines, and barbiturates; it takes place in the community, not in an inpatient facility. Suboxone is available to help reduce severe withdrawal symptoms from opiates like heroin. While participating in outpatient detoxification, you are seen daily by the medical staff and engage in intensive outpatient treatment.
  • Outpatient program: Our outpatient program takes a group therapy approach to addressing substance use disorder, and includes individual and family therapy. While participating in the outpatient program you are also required to attend 12-step meetings to help build a sober support system.
  • Recovery aftercare: Our recovery aftercare program provides ongoing weekly support group sessions that supplement Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous Meetings.
  • Drugs and Alcohol Education Program: The Drugs and Alcohol Education Program consists of 12-week and 26-week educational classes that meet the requirements of the Maryland Court System. This program is designed for individuals who have been convicted of DWI/DUI, have a Controlled Dangerous Substances charge, or who have tested positive for an illicit substance while on the job.

Please call the location nearest you to confirm specific offerings available.