Why Does My Child Do That? And Other Questions About Your Child's Behavior, by Patti Hershfeldt, Ed.D.

Before we can resolve (and prevent!) behavior issues, we need to understand our children’s behavior. This presentation will help you understand and identify reasons behind behaviors, and how to properly respond. 

Parent Support Action Plan for Changing Behaviors 

Use this worksheet to help identify and address unfavorable behaviors in your children.

School Transitions: How You Can Help Your Child Succeed, by Patti Hershfeldt, Ed.D.

This presentation discusses important steps that we, as parents, can take to help our children make a smooth transition to middle or high school.

Kid Safe Maryland

Children are 35 times more likely than adults to be victims of identity theft. Learn more here about how you can take action to protect your child's identity.


We’ve produced a video series to help you manage problem behaviors you identify in your children.