How do I obtain my medical records?

If medical records must be sent to another clinician, referred to by Sheppard Pratt, a patient will be prompted to sign the appropriate release of information form prior to medical records being shared. The form can be obtained by calling the Heath Information Management Department at 410-938-4219, or can be downloaded by clicking here. Click here to download a form in Spanish.

If a patient’s family member wants to obtain the medical records of a deceased individual, a Medical Records Release form signed by the Executor of the Estate is required. The Medical Records Release form must be accompanied by a Letter of Administration indicating the individual as Executor of the Estate.

To learn more about becoming Executor of the Estate, please contact the Register of Wills for the county in which the patient resided at the time of death. If you are designated Executor of the Estate, you will be granted a Letter of Administration. The Medical Records Release form submitted to the Health Information Management department must be signed by the recipient of the Letter of Administration.

If a clinician is requesting medical records and no referral has been made by the Health System, the patient must send a written request to:

Sheppard Pratt Health Information Management
PO Box 6815
6501 N. Charles Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21285

The patient may also fax a release of information form with all pertinent information and patient's signature to 410-938-4296. If the treatment at Sheppard Pratt was related to chemical dependency, a federal disclosure must be signed by the patient as well. 

If a patient or patient's family member wishes to obtain a patient's medical records, a confidential consent release must be completed and returned to the Sheppard Pratt HIM Department. The form can be obtained by calling 410-938-4219.

How can my health information or my medical record be used and disclosed, and what are my rights regarding my health information?

Learn more about the disclosure of health information and medical records in our Notice of Privacy Practices.