Sheppard Pratt’s Neuropsychiatry services offer unique expertise in complex mental disorders that stem from nervous system (neurologic) problems.

People Cared For

  • Young Adults
  • Adults
  • Older Adults

Level of Care

  • Outpatient

Payment Type

  • Medicaid
  • Medicare
  • Private Insurance
  • Self Pay

It is difficult watching memory, mood, or behavior problems impact your loved one’s quality of life. We deliver focused care that helps more people get back to meaningful lives. 

What is Neuropsychiatry?

Neuropsychiatry combines specialized expertise in disorders of the nervous system (neurology) and mental disorders (psychiatry). Our expertise spans the neurological and mental health components of problems such as dementia, concussions, and autism, allowing us to deliver effective care. 

Neuropsychiatry at Sheppard Pratt: Why Choose Us?

Sheppard Pratt is home to one of the nation’s leading neuropsychiatry programs. Since 1997, our collaborative team of experts has been delivering compassionate care to people with severe memory, thinking, and emotional problems. 

Highlights of our offerings include:

  • Expertise: Our close-knit team of neuropsychiatry experts includes psychiatrists who have completed additional training through fellowships in areas such as neuropsychiatry, behavioral neurology, and geriatric psychiatry. Our experts include:
  • Comprehensive care: At Sheppard Pratt, your loved one receives more of the services they need, all in one convenient program. Patients receive a detailed evaluation and treatments such as medication, cognitive behavioral therapy, and other therapies and interventions, all from the same team. Find out more about neuropsychiatric treatments. 
  • Coordination with community providers: We take into account the care settings that best meet your loved one’s needs. For patients who are best served in a residential program, assisted living program, or day program, we coordinate with local providers, so your loved one receives consistent care.
  • Research: We are advancing neuropsychiatric care through research. We partner with the Sheppard Pratt research program, and are doing translational research in our clinic. Learn more about our research here.
  • Leadership: We are educating the next generation of neuropsychiatrists through the University of Maryland/Sheppard Pratt residency program. Learn more about the residency program. 

We deliver focused treatments for a broad range of neuropsychiatric problems through specialized practices that include:

General neuropsychiatry

We help people with memory and emotional problems related to conditions such as severe traumatic and non-traumatic injuries, epilepsy, stroke, and neurodegenerative disease. General neuropsychiatry services are led by Vassilis E. Koliatsos, MD. Find out more about our general neuropsychiatry expertise. 

Memory loss and dementia

We treat older adults whose daily lives are affected by memory loss due to dementia or other brain changes. Learn more about the specialized care available for memory loss and dementia. 


We help adults move past lingering symptoms of brain injuries that occur from athletic activities, falls, and motor vehicle accidents. The lead faculty providing concussion services is Margo Lauterbach, MD. Get more information about our services for traumatic brain injury and concussions. 

Autism and developmental neuropsychiatry

Our team supports the ongoing needs of adults with autism and other developmental disabilities. Find out more about our offerings for autism and developmental disabilities. 

Meet Our Clinicians

  • Vassilis Koliatsos, MD

    Senior Neuropsychiatrist, Research and Education; Stulman Scholar, Clinical Neuropsychiatry
    Neuropsychiatry, Neuroscience, Adult Psychiatry
  • Margo Lauterbach, MD, FANPA, DFAPA

    Psychiatrist, Neuropsychiatry Program
    Concussion, LGBTQ+ Mental Health Issues, Neuropsychiatry, Neuroscience, Rare Disorders, Traumatic Brain Injury