The Forbush School at Anne Arundel South

Hours: 9:15 a.m. - 3:40 p.m. M - F
Maximum Number of Students:
Number of Classrooms: 2

The Forbush School at Anne Arundel South is an 11-month, non-public Type II special education program located in Central Special School in Edgewater, Maryland. We provide special education and related services to children and adolescents ages five to 21 with developmental disabilities, primarily autism spectrum disorder and intellectual disabilities. Our students may also have a diagnosis of pervasive developmental disorder (PDD), developmental delays in one or more areas, severe behavioral problems, multiple learning problems, and/or other related disorders.

AA_South_front_of_school.JPGBy establishing a comprehensive and integrated approach, we offer students and parents an alternative to public school programming to create a comfortable, safe environment where students can thrive. We believe in success through family collaboration and parents are encouraged to fully participate in decisions regarding programming and learning opportunities for their child. Additionally, our staff and parents work together to ensure that new skills learned at school can be applied at home. Our main focus is to stabilize maladaptive behaviors and to help our students make academic progress based on their IEP. We also provide family workshops and trainings to support and nurture the growth of our students within their families and the community.

We provide our students with opportunities to experience life in their community in compliance with their IEP. Our goal is to provide academic, behavioral, and vocational supports and services to our students so that they can transition back to a less restrictive educational environment.

As part of our program, in addition to functional academics, students will further develop communication skills, self-care skills, fine and gross motor skills, socialization skills, vocational skills, and recreational/leisure skills. To best meet the needs of your child’s IEP, we may utilize proven practices such as ABA therapy, social skills instruction, motor skill development and sensory integration strategies, natural aided language stimulation, community-based instruction, and vocational instruction.

We implement the Anne Arundel County Public School approved Unique Curriculum based on the Common Core Standards, and the Syracuse Community-Referenced Curriculum Guide. Our students participate in Alternative Assessments and pursue a Certificate of Program Completion.

We employ a multi-disciplinary team of staff, which includes a certified education director, special education teacher(s), educational assistants, 1:1 assistants, a behavior specialist, and an assistant behavior specialist. We also have a part-time related services manager, part-time speech and language pathologist, consulting psychologist, and shared psychiatrist assigned to classrooms as appropriate. Our education director oversees the team as they work to enhance every aspect of the child’s education and promote growth.

Central Special School provides occupational therapy services and nursing services for our students. These services are provided by direct therapy and/or consultation as indicated in each student's Individualized Education Program. Additionally, our students participate in library and incentive programs alongside other Central Special School students.

Because we are part of Sheppard Pratt Health System, our staff has access to the best training, treatment practices, and technology, which in turn allows us to provide your child with the best education to meet his or her needs and help with the transition into the community. We actively collaborate with other health system schools and professionals to ensure we are sharing lessons learned and best practices across the various special education programs.

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140 Stepney Lane
Edgewater, MD 21037

Phone: 410-216-2322
Fax: 410-216-2324

April Arford, Education Director


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