Attracting Eminent Healthcare Leaders, Developing the Next Generation, and Supporting All Members of Our Care Teams

As mental health needs are increasing, the pool of trained professionals is rapidly dwindling. Half of all psychiatrists will retire in the next 10 years. The greatest shortage of mental health providers is in youth mental health. It is imperative to attract and retain quality, compassionate, visionary, and diverse mental healthcare leaders to propel transformative care. 

The ability to transform lives and provide meaningful care starts with employing the nation’s leading clinicians, researchers, and educators. When we expand our team, we can harness innovation and deliver impactful care. We are committed to deep investments in our workforce to ignite discovery, new treatments, and better outcomes for youth and their families.

Across our clinical teams, an increasingly tight market means that we must compete for top talent across all disciplines. We must be able to attract and retain the best doctors, nurses, psychologists, social workers, teachers, and staff so that we can continue to provide exceptional and timely access to care. True to our Quaker roots, we believe in the dignity and value of each human life, and are committed to developing and promoting therapists of color to achieve equity. 

It is imperative to support professional development through a person’s career, to link opportunities to career advancements, and to build high-performing care teams. We will train the workforce of the future and redesign care to yield the best outcomes. 

Through this campaign, we will create endowed positions in key leadership areas, enabling Sheppard Pratt to continue to lead in mental and behavioral health by attracting the most accomplished and forward-thinking clinical professionals, researchers, and educators. 

Special new retention funds will ensure that we remain competitive in an ever-tightening market for talent. We are determined to help address the increasing shortage of psychiatrists as well as ensure Sheppard Pratt’s ability to compete successfully for the most gifted clinicians and care team members. 

Your support will expand our residency program, provide new training positions for the most talented physicians across all mental health disciplines, and help to shrink the provider gap to ensure people have timely access to our care. 

Campaign Pillars

Help Us Change the Face of Youth Mental Health

Sheppard Pratt is already an acclaimed leader in youth mental health services. With your support, Sheppard Pratt will develop and expand unique programs in our hospitals, in our schools, and across our communities. Join us as we impact lives locally, nationally, and globally.