Every family is touched by mental health issues, yet we do not openly talk about it. In our silence, everyone suffers. We must do for mental health what has been accomplished for other diseases. By bringing mental health issues to the forefront with facts and compassion, we can shape more appropriate responses to mental health and more enlightened public policies. 

We will use Sheppard Pratt’s strength to help change public perception and policies. We will increase our significant community partnerships and conduct more education and training to help teachers, first responders, and leaders recognize mental health issues and respond in the most productive ways. We will mobilize efforts to ensure policymakers prioritize funding for mental health and develop policies that bring hope and possibility to people’s lives and the community as a whole.  

Sheppard Pratt is driven by its mission to advance the most compassionate and effective mental and behavioral health services. We start from a position of strength. Already, many professionals from around the country and the world come to Sheppard Pratt to learn about our patient-centered approach and our models for comprehensive services. We see a great opportunity to demonstrate and expand the power of our unique model well beyond our state, through new virtual and physical sites. 

With your philanthropic support, Sheppard Pratt will create a preeminent global training center for mental health professionals. We will offer a range of courses to professionals, with the endorsement of Sheppard Pratt serving as a mark of excellence and achievement in professional training. Beyond our physical footprint, through virtual offerings, we will expand our reach and enable patients nationally to realize the benefits of our comprehensive model. We will convene high-profile national and international summits, bringing together physicians and other clinical professionals, scientists, advocates, journalists, and patients to share best practices, inform public discourse, and shape policy.

Campaign Pillars

Help Us Change the Face of Youth Mental Health

Sheppard Pratt is already an acclaimed leader in youth mental health services. With your support, Sheppard Pratt will develop and expand unique programs in our hospitals, in our schools, and across our communities. Join us as we impact lives locally, nationally, and globally.