Imagine a physician being able to use data and predictive analytics to select the best therapy for specific ages and types of patients struggling with brain injuries. Imagine a day when a diagnosis of autism doesn’t deter your child from anything life has to offer.

Our world-class investigators are changing lives daily, identifying new and effective ways to treat some of the most common youth mental health issues. Sheppard Pratt conducts innovative research to improve clinical care by helping providers make the most informed decisions about patient treatment. We have developed easy-to-use data tools to collect patient-reported outcomes on tablets at the point of care. We utilize measurement-based data for individual treatment decisions and aggregate data across thousands of similar patients in a real-time feedback loop to eliminate the translation gap from discovery to standard care. 

Private support will enable us to speed and scale this highly promising, groundbreaking work. We will improve the lives of patients not only at Sheppard Pratt, but around the world as well.

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Help Us Change the Face of Youth Mental Health

Sheppard Pratt is already an acclaimed leader in youth mental health services. With your support, Sheppard Pratt will develop and expand unique programs in our hospitals, in our schools, and across our communities. Join us as we impact lives locally, nationally, and globally.