Behavioral health issues, including suicide, are dramatically increasing in youth. One in five children ages 13-18 live with a serious mental illness, but only half of those children will get the treatment they need. Sheppard Pratt is committed to addressing the needs of youth worldwide.

Sheppard Pratt is the leading provider of mental health services in the nation. We are now taking our comprehensive knowledge and expertise across our youth mental health programs to catapult our nation’s ability to manage the youth mental health crisis head on. 

We are launching and expanding programs to meet children where they are in their mental health journey. Sheppard Pratt is developing interventions to identify issues at onset – at home, in the community, and in schools.

Sheppard Pratt is advancing behavioral health for children, youth, and their families, with an emphasis on improving access, promoting equity, and fostering innovation. Our integrated care teams are supporting families to get to the best treatment expeditiously, to experience the benefits of exceptional care, and to yield meaningful improvements in care outcomes.

We will deliver hope and give youth their best life possible. With your support, we will leverage Sheppard Pratt’s knowledge, and the expertise of our children’s mental health professionals across our programs, to change the face of youth mental health. Now is the time, and there is so much more we are ready to do.

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Help Us Change the Face of Youth Mental Health

Sheppard Pratt is already an acclaimed leader in youth mental health services. With your support, Sheppard Pratt will develop and expand unique programs in our hospitals, in our schools, and across our communities. Join us as we impact lives locally, nationally, and globally.