Specialized Programs

Our specialized programs allow us to group and treat patients based on their individual needs and diagnosis.

Each of our specialized programs focuses on a different diagnosis or population, and is led by a nationally, and often internationally, renowned medical director and staff, with expertise in either eating disorders, co-occurring disorders, developmental disabilities, traumatic brain injury, cognitive impairment, or trauma-related conditions. These specialized programs include:


The Center for Eating Disorders

One of the nation’s leading programs for the treatment of children, teens, adults, and older adults with eating disorders.

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Neuropsychiatry Program

We offer a comprehensive approach to the treatment of patients with developmental disabilities, traumatic brain injury, and other mental health problems.

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The Retreat

This intensive assessment and treatment program specializes in mood, anxiety, personality, and substance use disorders.

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Trauma Disorders Program

A renowned program for the treatment of trauma-related conditions, including dissociative disorders and other complex post-traumatic conditions.

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The Mandala Philosophy »

The Mandalas of  Sheppard PrattGuiding Principles

Our Health System and specialized programs have each adopted one of our 12 mandalas as a visual representation of our organization’s guiding principles. The guiding principles that each of these mandalas represent are applied and practiced every day by our compassionate staff. Learn more.