The Robert W. and Diane E. Gibson Museum was created to:

  • Fight stigma against mental illness 
  • Provide insight into Sheppard Pratt’s rich history and Quaker heritage since it was founded as the Sheppard Asylum in 1853


The museum was named in honor of former Sheppard Pratt President Dr. Robert Gibson, and his wife, Diane Gibson, in recognition of Dr. Gibson’s 32 years of service to Sheppard Pratt.

About the Museum

Our museum showcases nearly 2,000 artifacts, including books, documents, furniture, photographs, artwork, equipment, and assorted memorabilia. Much of the vast collection belonged to our founder, Moses Sheppard. Included in the museum are an exhibit on Moses Sheppard, an exhibit on Enoch Pratt and the early years of the hospital, and an exhibit on noteworthy hospital history, including occupational therapy and nursing education. Copies of the original architectural drawings of The Sheppard and Enoch Pratt Hospital by Calvert Vaux are also on display at the museum. Originals can be found at the National Library of Medicine.

The most recent addition to the museum is the “Evolution of Treatment” exhibit, which contains 152 linear feet of graphic displays recounting the history of the treatment of individuals with mental illness, from Roman times to modern day. This panel was built to educate the community and those we serve about the history of mental health care throughout time and within this institution.

Visiting the Museum

The Robert W. and Diane E. Gibson Museum is open to the public Monday - Friday by appointment only. For questions or to schedule an appointment, please email archivist@sheppardpratt.org.