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The Importance of Supporting Employee Mental Health


One of the most important investments employers can make? Their employees' mental health.

Employer support for mental health can impact a company’s bottom line: Mental illness issues cost the global economy approximately $1 trillion every year. Addressing employee mental health issues early on can translate to cost savings for employers and boost employee morale and retention rate.

More than a quarter of U.S. employees look to their employer to provide mental health support. And, given that nearly 40 percent of Americans feel that their mental health has been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, employer support for mental health is more important than ever.

There are many ways employers can take action and support employee mental health. Leaders can discuss mental health openly, fostering a culture of acceptance. They can empower employees with knowledge and skills through Mental Health First Aid training. And they can remove the barriers that insurance and stigma pose by providing mental wellness services directly to employees.

In 2020, Sheppard Pratt launched Sheppard Pratt Direct: a direct-to-employer mental wellness program designed to keep employees mentally healthy and productive. Mental health needs are diverse, so services are customized to the needs of the employer. Sheppard Pratt Direct partnerships often include mental health seminars facilitated by Sheppard Pratt experts, access to a Sheppard Pratt Navigator who points employees to the right mental health care for them, and confidential mental health self-assessments.

imre, a national advertising and public relations agency headquartered in Towson, Md., recently chose to invest in its employees’ mental health through a partnership with Sheppard Pratt.

“We’ve always had mental health benefits for our employees in the form of health insurance and an employee assistance program,” shares Anne Denford, SPHR, Senior Vice President of Human Resources at imre. “However, we wanted to provide additional resources to our employees that felt more personal. Sheppard Pratt is one of the top mental health facilities in the nation, and it’s in the backyard of our corporate office. We respect the work that Sheppard Pratt does for the community and knew that a partnership could assist our employees not only locally but across the country as well.”

Sheppard Pratt continues to look for ways to reduce barriers to care while connecting people with life-changing resources. While organizations navigate the uncertainties of COVID-19, one thing they can be certain of is the trusted care Sheppard Pratt Direct can provide to their employees.

Sheppard Pratt Direct

Sheppard Pratt Direct provides direct-to-employer mental wellness services, including self-assessments, confidential access to a Sheppard Pratt navigator, webinars on mental health, and more.