Your gift will change someone's life.

A gift of $25 will help our special education students by providing kitchen supplies so that they can learn how to cook and run a kitchen in a hands-on setting.

A gift of $50 will support our music therapy groups by providing musical instruments so that our patients can use music therapy to explore their feelings and make positive changes.

A gift of $100 will help our patients to relax and center themselves by providing equipment for our serenity rooms.

A gift of $500 will enable our students and patients with sensory problems to communicate and learn by providing technology like iPads and assistive learning devices.

A gift of $1,000 will allow us to provide treatment to those who are uninsured and could not afford our services otherwise. 

Please make a gift to Sheppard Pratt and help us to provide our patients and students with the care they need. One hundred percent of your donation goes to helping our patients, residents, and students heal and recover.