When you make a planned gift to Sheppard Pratt, you are making the gift of a lifetime.

We offer several ways for you to make an impact with your generosity. Learn more below, or contact David Drake, Director of Stewardship, at 410-938-4092 or ddrake@sheppardpratt.org.

Leave a Legacy of Hope and Healing


Leave Sheppard Pratt in your will for a specific amount, percentage of your estate, or residuary of your estate. This is the most common and easiest way to make a meaningful future gift to Sheppard Pratt.

Life Insurance

Create a new policy naming Sheppard Pratt as beneficiary and take a deduction on your premium payments. Or, change your beneficiary on an existing life insurance policy.

Designated Beneficiary

Designate Sheppard Pratt as a beneficiary of your retirement account, IRA, life insurance, stock, or bank account. Adding or changing a beneficiary is as simple as filling out a form.

Gifts That Pay You Income

Charitable Gift Annuity

Make a transfer of cash or property to Sheppard Pratt and receive a partial tax deduction and a lifetime stream of annual income from Sheppard Pratt. The remaining balance of the fund passes to Sheppard Pratt when the contract ends.

Charitable Remainder Trusts

Charitable remainder unitrusts and charitable remainder annuity trusts are trusts that you can fund with any type of assets. It is a win-win; the trust makes payments to a beneficiary who you name (like your child or spouse), you receive a federal income tax deduction for the charitable remainder value of your interest, you avoid capital gains tax when you establish the trust, and the remainder can carry out your philanthropic wishes for Sheppard Pratt.