Planned Giving

When Baltimore businessman and philanthropist Moses Sheppard bestowed his entire estate to help form The Sheppard Asylum in 1853, he envisioned an institution that would fundamentally improve treatment of the mentally ill, which was deplorable at the time. He envisioned a place that treated patients with respect and dignity, with a window in each room and soothing grounds to view through that window. Now, 160 years later, Philanthropy continues to play a pivotal role in sustaining Moses Sheppard’s dream and allows us to lead the way in providing exceptional care to our community.

Many of our donors have discovered that a planned gift, as part of their overall financial and/or charitable planning, can be an invaluable tool to maximize support for Sheppard Pratt Health System. By choosing to give, you are helping our patients and students heal by sustaining our patient care, education, and research missions.

Whether you are seeking to satisfy current income and estate tax needs, diversify a portfolio, liquidate a business, prepare for retirement or make low yielding assets more productive, a carefully crafted planned gift may provide a solution that satisfies your financial needs and allows you to meet your charitable goals.

Please note that gifts of this nature should be carefully considered in relation to your comprehensive financial and estate plants. The following examples are for illustrative purposes only.

Gifts and Benefits



Give appreciated stock or bonds held over one year

Buy low and give high — make a gift that costs you less than the benefit it delivers, while avoiding capital gains tax

Put a bequest in your will 

Provides you with an estate tax deduction and costs you and your family nothing in the present

Name Sheppard Pratt as beneficiary of your retirement plan

Eliminate income tax on retirement plan assetsestimates say taxes could cost as much as 70-75% of retirement assets in certain circumstances

Donate a life insurance policy whose coverage you no longer need

Increase your ability to make a significant gift (premium payments may be tax deductible)

Create a charitable gift annuity or a charitable remainder trust 

Provides you with income over your lifetime, a charitable deduction, and allows you to diversify your holdings

Create a charitable lead trust

Freeze gift and estate tax value of appreciating assets, while providing a gift for a fixed period of time, with the principal amount benefitting your heirs

Use real estate

Avoid capital gains tax, receive an income tax deduction — and provide a gift that doesn't have to affect your lifestyle

Contribute partnership
or closely-held stock 

Avoid capital gains liability, receive an income tax deduction, and provide a gift you may have overlooked

For more information on planned giving, please contact Donna Richardson, Vice President and Chief Development Officer, at or 410-938-4018.

1853 Society Listing

The 1853 Society recognizes generous, forward-looking donors who have included Sheppard Pratt Health System in their estate planning:

  • Anonymous (3)
  • Emile A. Bendit, M.D.
  • Ms. Mikki Buchness
  • John and Sue Carnell
  • Mr. and Mrs. J. Howard Eager, III
  • Joel D. and Ellen S. Fedder
  • Dr. and Mrs. W. Byron Forbush
  • Mrs. Louise A. Hager
  • Ms. Joan S. Harris
  • Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Herget, Jr.
  • Aliceann and Tom Howell
  • Mr. George E. Kostritsky
  • Jane Cox Larson
  • Ms. Janet E. Lowman
  • Lila E. O'Meara
  • Patricia A. Prugh
  • Dr. Jonas Rappeport
  • Mrs. Sally Rooney
  • Donald R. Ross, M.D. and Eileen K. Steinberger, M.D.
  • Robert and Marilyn Schaftel
  • Drs. Margaret and Steven Sharfstein
  • Dr. and Mrs. Edward Sienkilewski
  • Jean and Gordon Wells & Family
  • Dr. and Mrs. Clifford R. Wheeless
  • Gay and Jud Williams


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