It can also be a time of despair. Nearly one in five seniors have a mental health problem that is more than “normal,” and not just “aging.” Yet, less than 3 percent of older adults report seeing a mental health professional for their problems.

We offer office- and community-based therapy, workshops, and support groups to seniors in Montgomery County. We take Medicare and several other insurance plans.

Seniors may experience anxiety about one’s health; grief over the loss of a loved one; retirement; acting as a caregiver for a loved one; isolation and socialization; retrofitting one’s house for fall risk and safety; downsizing; financial security; and, family conflict.

End of Life Care: We provide counseling and guidance with decision making and documentation for your end of life care.

I am glad that Aspire can continue the type of work it has been doing to help the community as well as provide good continuing education for professionals, which I enjoy.