The University of Maryland/Sheppard Pratt Psychiatry Residency Program trains residents to be exceptional psychiatrists, and has been at the forefront of psychiatry residency education and training for more than 60 years.
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About the Program

The University of Maryland/Sheppard Pratt psychiatry residency training program is designed to prepare our graduates to succeed in whichever field of psychiatry they choose to pursue; many graduates go on to become academic clinical educators, subspecialists, full-time research psychiatrists, community psychiatrists, private practitioners, and psychoanalysts/psychotherapists.

We offer training in a wide variety of settings, including a VA hospital, state psychiatric hospital, and a private, non-profit psychiatric hospital that is home to some of the most specialized programs in the nation. Our program provides comprehensive, in-depth training in all aspects of psychiatry in a collaborative, collegial, and supportive environment, and is enhanced by intensive supervision, a comprehensive didactic curriculum, and case conferences.

Residents work in four core clinical facilities during the four-year program: the University of Maryland Medical Center, the Veterans Administration Maryland Health Care System, the State Mental Hygiene Administration System, and Sheppard Pratt. Sheppard Pratt is the largest private, non-profit provider of mental health, substance use, special education, developmental disability, and social services in the nation.

While at Sheppard Pratt facilities, the University of Maryland/Sheppard Pratt psychiatry residents have the opportunity to work in the following settings

  • Four specialized inpatient units, including a trauma disorders unit, a psychotic disorders unit, an eating disorders unit, and an intellectual disabilities and autism unit

  • Three day hospitals

  • A child and adolescent service line, which includes three general units and a highly specialized unit for children with neuropsychiatric disorders

  • An adult services line, which includes a crisis stabilization unit, a co-occurring disorder unit, and a young adult unit

  • A geriatric service line consisting of two specialized inpatient units

  • A multitude of community treatment programs in a variety of settings

Psychiatry Residency – Benefits

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Eligibility and Applying for the Program

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