I fell in love with the place during the interview. It was an opportunity to work with kids in a meaningful way.

Sheppard Pratt has a dozen Type I and Type II special education schools throughout Maryland - that means you can find a career that makes a difference, close to home.

At Sheppard Pratt Schools, our teammates have heart. Our students are incredible and have amazing potential - and our employees help them to realize their potential every single day. We help our employees realize their potential, too.

Special Education Careers in Maryland

Sheppard Pratt Schools are the largest nonpublic provider of special education programming in Maryland. We serve the most incredible students day in and day out, helping them to learn, grow, and thrive.

But we can't do that without an amazing team of educators. Our schools are powered by compassionate, driven, and caring teachers, educational assistants, occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, school administrators, behavior specialists, curriculum teams, and more. 

Because of our educators, our hundreds of students get to realize their potential - they get to realize a life that is not defined by their diagnosis. They are empowered to do that through the work our educators do, day in and day out.

Are you ready to be the spark that ignites a student's life?

Support is huge here. Not many places give you enough help to feel comfortable doing your job. This was a place where I felt like I would be able to help people who I have always tried to help. They help you move up the ladder by supporting your education.

Why work at a Sheppard Pratt School?

Support, collaboration, and rapport

Many of our special education team members say they feel the support and dedication of their teammates from the very first interview. Our school teams take a collaborative approach to education - meaning employees have the support of their colleagues, school leadership, and other Sheppard Pratt programs.

Opportunities to specialize

Not many companies can offer you your highly specialized dream job. No matter the population or diagnosis you want to work with, Sheppard Pratt has the breadth and depth of services to make those dreams a reality. Many employees have come to us because this is the only place they can create the career they've only dreamed of.

You'll make the difference of a lifetime

At the end of the day, it's about the kids. Our educators have a lifelong positive impact on their students. Remember your favorite teacher from high school? The one who took a chance on you and helped you realize how incredible you are? That's what our special education team members get to do every day.

Opportunities Available

I was looking for something that really had a lot of team collaboration. I wanted a school, community feeling. The team felt like a family. And, I can grow my career - I can grow as an individual here.

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