Referral Sources

Individuals can be admitted to our unit in a variety of ways:

  • They can be referred through the emergency room of a hospital
  • They can be referred through our Psychiatric Urgent Care or any of our day programs or residential programs

Admissions Process

Once an individual has been referred from one of these sources, meets our admissions criteria, and we have a bed available, we will admit them to the unit. Upon arrival to the unit, we will complete a nursing assessment. We will also complete a skin assessment and safety search during the intake process to ensure that the individual has not been experiencing any physical harm and is not bringing any contraband items onto the unit.

After the intake process, we work to address any delusions or hallucinations, or agitation an individual is experiencing as quickly as possible; this often involves the use of medication. When family accompanies the patient at the time of admission, staff will provide a tour of the unit and an overview of the program. At the discretion of the admitting nurse, the patient will be encouraged to participate in the tour, although many times illness symptoms may delay patient participation. 

At the conclusion of the tour, there will be an opportunity for family or the patient to ask any questions they may have. Staff will also provide a pamphlet that family can take home and reference as needed. The pamphlet includes unit contact information, names of members of the treatment team, visiting hours, and other important information to know during an inpatient stay. 

We know it can be overwhelming when a loved one is admitted to the hospital, and want to ensure that you have a comprehensive picture of the care that will be provided to your loved one. 

Depending on the time of day of the admission, individuals are welcome to join meals and therapeutic groups on day one of their stay. The social workers will get in touch with the patient’s family members as soon as possible to get relevant information and to update them on the status of their loved ones.