Our Autism and Developmental Disabilities Services

Robert Wisner-Carlson, MD is the lead provider of autism spectrum disorder and developmental disabilities services at the Neuropsychiatry Program. Another key faculty in our program is Andrew Warren, MD, a renowned expert in intellectual disabilities. Our comprehensive offerings include: 

  • Detailed evaluations: Your loved one receives a complete evaluation where we explore the many possible causes of their symptoms. Assessments often include mental status and neurologic exams. Find out more about neuropsychiatric evaluations.
  • Highly skilled team: Our team includes social workers who specialize in developmental disabilities and a psychotherapist specializing in autism. We tailor therapies to meet your loved one’s evolving needs and keep their care moving forward. Find out more about neuropsychiatric treatments. 
  • Research: We are finding new ways to support our patients through research. Our interests include improving transitions from pediatric to adult care in people with autism. We are also exploring neuropsychiatric issues in people with intellectual disabilities.  

Conditions We Treat

We evaluate, treat, and provide care recommendations for people affected by:

  • Developmental disabilities: These disorders include autism spectrum disorder and Down syndrome
  • Genetic disorders: Complications from conditions such as fragile X syndrome that cause mood or behavior problems

Our Neuropsychiatry Offerings for Autism and Developmental Disabilities

We deliver effective care for people with autism and developmental disabilities. Our offerings include:

  • Neuropsychiatric evaluations: We accurately diagnose the presenting problem so your loved one can receive effective care and support.
  • Personalized treatment plan: Our complete care approach includes a combination of treatments and services to help your loved one live his or her best life. This plan may include brain stimulation procedures or inpatient care if your loved one is in crisis. Find out more about neuropsychiatric treatments.

Contact Us

For more information about our neuropsychiatry services, or to make an appointment, call us at 410-938-4981. 

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