Your unique career path is waiting for you.

Every clinician has the opportunity to build a unique career path. See examples of what's possible in our various service lines:

Rehab & Recovery

A career in Rehab and Recovery could take you from internship to licensure with financial support from Sheppard Pratt. Explore one possible pathway below:

  1. Begin as a social work intern working with individuals with severe mental health conditions (thought disorders and other serious mental illnesses)
  2. Complete clinical education while receiving tuition reimbursement 
  3. Get supervision for free from a fully licensed Sheppard Pratt social worker
  4. Move into a clinical role once licensed
  5. Earn your LCSW-C & get a raise 
  6. Move into a leadership role, such as Program Director of Assertive Community Treatment
  7. Supervise developing social workers, helping to train the next generation of clinicians

Special Education

A career in our schools could take you from an intern to clinical coordinator and subject matter expert. Explore one possible pathway below:

  1. Begin as a social work intern with the opportunity to work with students ranging in ages from 5-21 years old depending on the program with a range of abilities including complex mental health diagnoses, autism spectrum disorder, and other related disabilities. Provide clinical service in the form of individual and group counseling, social skills groups, crisis management and case management. Work closely with families and caretakers, outside providers, and become an integral member of a child’s treatment team.
  2. Receive free CEs, clinical supervision, rich, hands-on clinical experience in a multidisciplinary therapeutic milieu, and collaborate across sites and within a complex health system
  3. Move into direct clinical care after achieving licensure (LMSW, LGPC, LCSW-C, LCPC)
  4. Collaborate with psychiatrists, BCBAs, special educators, and other related service providers such as speech and language therapists, occupational therapists, and physical therapists
  5. Move to a lead clinician role, providing clinical supervision to others
  6. Provide assistance and oversight with school compliance and clinical and IEP documentation
  7. Become a subject matter expert: participate in specific subject matter work groups such as suicide prevention/assessment, planning, violence and threat assessment planning, and more
  8. Advance to clinical coordinator positions, providing oversight of clinical programming within a school

Outpatient Mental Health Centers

A career in our Outpatient Mental Health Centers could take you from intern to director, mentoring other social workers on difficult to treat cases. Explore one possible pathway below:

  1. Begin your career as a social work intern serving a broad array of clients with both complex serious mental health issues and those seeking support for milder anxiety, grief or stressful life events, age 5 to seniors, in person and virtual
  2. Move into a clinical role once licensed – opportunities in social work, marriage and family therapy, professional counseling for individual, groups, or families
  3. Receive advanced licensure, supported by SP mentors, weekly face to face clinical supervision, and free CEs (and get a raise!)
  4. Take advantage of opportunities for peer, mentor, and multi-disciplinary collaboration and review of cases
  5. Move into a clinical supervisor role
  6. Assist and mentor other social workers on difficult to treat cases
  7. Move into an assistant clinical director role
  8. Move into a clinical director role, overseeing clinical operations at an assigned outpatient mental health center

Day Hospitals

As a therapist at one of our day hospitals at our two freestanding behavioral health hospitals, opportunity awaits. Here's an example of how your career could grow at Sheppard Pratt:

  1. Join Sheppard Pratt as a LMSW or LGPC in one of our day hospitals. Programs include Adult Mood Disorders Day Hospitals, Child and Adolescent Day Hospitals, Sullivan Day Hospital (psychotic disorders), and Eating Disorders Day Hospitals.
  2. Get supervision for free from a fully licensed Sheppard Pratt social worker or counselor.
  3. Earn your LCSW-C or LCPC - and a raise.
  4. Become a clinical supervisor to support the growth of other therapists
  5. Move into a Program Manager role and manage an interdisciplinary team of RNs, therapists, discharge coordinators, and mental health workers.
  6. Have opportunities to serve as a thought leader by presenting continuing education talks to other social workers throughout the nation on Sheppard Pratt's continuing education platform. 
  7. Move into a Director of Day Hospitals role to oversee operations of programs across two campuses.