“Thank you for giving me back my daughter… I see the sparkle in her eyes again. While I know there are bumps on the road ahead of her, she has new tools to overcome them that she didn’t have before coming to The Retreat."

Parents often come to us because we understand that their adult child’s mental health disorder doesn’t come neatly packaged with textbook remedies.

We understand that mental health conditions are complex and require a personalized approach. This holistic focus produces positive outcomes for young adults trying to find their way.

A customized program of care

At The Retreat, we help young adults learn skills to successfully transition to college, start a career, assert their independence, navigate relationships, and manage co-occurring substance use and psychiatric disorders. With just 16 individual suites, the dedicated support of 10 doctors and more than 60 staff, and the resources of the entire Sheppard Pratt Health System we are able to provide the exact level of care that each resident needs to heal

Why Choose Us

Who We Serve

Our experts help young adults struggling with mental health and substance use issues brought on by change and uncertainty. We foster confidence and skills for a successful adulthood.

Supportive Surroundings

Healing can be hard work. That’s why The Retreat was designed to make every resident as comfortable as possible within our residential self-pay program.

Meeting Every Challenge

We offer the flexibility to design a treatment plan that meets the unique needs of each resident in a nurturing and comfortable environment.

Take the Next Step

Hope and healing start here.

The Retreat at Sheppard Pratt is a premier self-pay program treating adults 18 years and older. You’ll find expert psychiatric care in a residential setting.

Located near Baltimore, Maryland, our 87-acre campus has 16 residential suites designed to feel like home. We offer personalized assessments and immediate access to rehabilitation in Maryland for people facing mental health concerns related to depression, anxiety, addiction, and other behavioral health concerns.

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In 2016, Melissa Henry hit rock bottom following her college graduation. Diagnosed with anxiety and treatment-resistant depression, she was stuck in a state of misery, self-medicating with alcohol. “I had given up,” she says. “I never felt good, and I never thought I would feel good again. I knew I needed help…”