Day Hospital Services

Our day hospital services, also referred to as partial hospitalization programs (PHP) are a step below inpatient hospitalization in terms of level of treatment. For many patients, a day hospital is the next level of care they receive after they have stabilized or completed their inpatient treatment program. For other patients, a day hospital is an alternative to inpatient or residential care. As part of our continuum of care, our day hospitals support our goal of quality care appropriate to the patient’s level of need with the least restriction on independent functioning. Children and adolescents may transition within our Health System to inpatient units, outpatient care, rehabilitation, special education programs, or supported housing programs, while maintaining ongoing continuity of treatment and care.

We accept patients from one of our inpatient units or specialty program inpatient services, as well as from our Crisis Walk-In Clinic (CWIC), Scheduled Crisis Intervention Program (SCIP), or a clinician referral. When admitted to one of our day hospitals, the patient receives intense group therapy for at least 6.5 hours each day. On the first day of admission, the person is actually admitted by one of our expert psychiatrists or nurse practitioners, at which time he or she is seen, evaluated, and given the first treatment plan.

Child and Adolescent Day Hospital Services include:

Towson Campus:

Intensive Outpatient Services

Our Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOPs) serve as another level of care for patients moving through one of our continuums. They offer an additional step down from the intensity of inpatient or day hospital services, while still providing more structure and support than traditional outpatient therapy.