No matter the diagnosis you want to treat, patient population you want to support, or setting you want to work in, you can do it all with Sheppard Pratt.

Career Settings

Care Coordination and In-Home Services

Safe, reliable mental healthcare that is designed to remove barriers to accessing care and improve overall health and wellbeing. 

Community and Family Support Systems

A whole-family approach to treatment and recovery where you can make an impact and provide resources to families who need extra support.

Crisis Services

When someone is experiencing a mental health crisis, our team provides essential support and solutions.

Inpatient and Specialty Services

Our two freestanding psychiatric hospitals offer a diverse array of opportunities to treat individuals of all ages with many different mental healthcare needs.  

Special Education Programs

With nonpublic schools throughout Maryland, and partnerships that embed mental health resources into local school systems, we empower students to reach their fullest potential.

Therapy and Medication Management

We offer expert, comprehensive outpatient therapy and medication management for a variety of diagnoses and patient populations.

Residential Rehabilitation and Day Programs

A higher level of care than what can be offered in a traditional outpatient setting without the intensity of an inpatient unit.

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